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Who is Player Zone suitable for?

The priority of Player Zone Academy is to achieve the highest results!

We work with current professional tennis players and those ones who aspire to become them
- Have an ATP or WTA rating
- Perform at Futures and Challengers tournaments
- Look for a tennis academy in Europe to prepare for tournaments
- Want to compete with top ATP and WTA players of Serbia and its regions
- Need an experienced mentor

- Have an ITF or ETA rating
- Perform at ITF and Tennis Europe tournaments
- Look for a team of professional tennis coaches, massage therapists, etc.
- Play with strong sparring partners
- Want to perform more at international tournaments with a coach support
13 years old and younger
- Have an national rating
- Aim to become a professional player
- Look for a place for individual training camps
- Want to improve your playing skills under the guidance of professional coaches
- Strive to get a gaming experience
Where is our academy located?
Belgrade, Serbia
Our training base
Clay courts
Cafe on the territory of the complex
Massage room
The calendar of
ETA & ITF Tournaments in Serbia and its regions
Prepare for international tournaments (Tennis Europe U12/14/16, ITF Juniors and Futures) at Player Zone Academy in Serbia. Our team is already coming up with a training plan for these tournaments. Join us!
Look at the calendar, apply and come win!
Our advantages
What's our distinguishing feature from other tennis academies?
Gaming practice
You will have sparring matches with professional players, thorough work on your technique, video analysis of games and daily training sessions, and full accompanying at tournaments!
Physical training
Coaches of our academy use modern tennis simulators to work with players, such as flex training simulator, fixer backhand, forehand rotator, reflex ball TRX and others, to help athletes achieve a higher level of play.
Psychological approach
We thoroughly pay attention to the mental condition of athletes. The main points that our coaches and a sports psychologist work on are motivation for achieving the highest results, self-confidence, fears, control of emotions, and other individual requests of our players.
Your training plan is in one app
Our app will help you analyze your training sessions and matches and work on mistakes
There is everything for the progress of our players
At our Academy, tennis players find out about their training schedule via this app on their smartphone.

Moreover, players and their parents can leave their comments and read coaches' notes. Via the app, you can always track the results of matches and sparring games, and receive comments on the match from mentors.

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PlayerZone App
Our players
We have got a huge international team! Players come to us from different parts of the world. Furthermore, most of them have a high ATP and WTA rating!
Where do our athletes live?
Our accommodation is modern, spacious, two-story apartments (150 sq.m.), which are located within a five-minute walk from the training base. There are five rooms equipped with new furniture and tennis interior and an area for board games, lectures, and watching matches.
Our programs
Weekly program
  • - 17 hours of tennis training sessions
  • - 5 hours of fitness workouts
  • - 1 hour of massage therapy
  • - 2 t-shirts by Solinco
  • - 1 hoody by Solincо
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Monthly program
  • - 68 hours of tennis training sessions
  • - 20 hours of fitness workouts
  • - 4 hours of massage therapy
  • - 1 tournament
  • - 2 t-shirts by Solinco
  • - 1 hoody by Solinco
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Yearly program
  • - 816 hours of tennis training sessions
  • - 240 hours of fitness workouts
  • - 48 hours of massage therapy
  • - 15 tournaments
  • - 2 t-shirts by Solinco
  • - 1 hoody by Solincо
  • - Study under the Cambridge program

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Our players love us!
More video reviews of players and their parents can be found in the section: Reviews
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