Our Players

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Over the past 2 years, more than 100 tennis players from around the world have visited us. 10 of them are in the Top 150 ATP, WTA and ITF rankings. Some still continue to train at our Academy

  • Christopher O`Connell, кристофер о'коннел, Player zone tennis academy,
    Christopher O`Connell
    ATP best #62

  • danilo petrovic, данило петрович, player zone tennis academy
    Danilo Petrovic
    ATP best #130
  • Pedja Krstin
    Pedja Krstin
    ATP best # 159
  • Davud Amirov, playerzonetennis
    Davud Amirov
  • luka petrovic, лука петрович itf
    Luka Petrovic
    ITF #126
  • Mihailo Savic
    ITF #1173
  • andrea petrovic, андреа петрович itf
    Andrea Petrovic
    Davis Cup
    Team Norway
  • Veljko Ksrtsic
    Veljko Krstic
  • Georgre Gregoriou
  • Новак Джокович, теннисная академия, теннис в Сербии, теннисный лагерь, теннис в европе, tennis Academy, tennis team, player zone, playerzonetennisteam, ласло дьере
    Eitan Refael
  • Mikhail Korkunov
  • Connor Johnson
  • Lina Gjorceska
    Lina Gjorceska
    WTA best #170
  • тамара чурович, tamara curovic
    Tamara Curovic
    WTA best #394
  • playerzonetennis, WTA
    Mihaela Djakovic
    WTA best #671
  • playerzonetennis
    Angelique Svinos
    WTA best #705
  • екатерина буренина
    Ekaterina Burenina
  • Anja Draskovic
    Anja Draskovic
    WTA # 986
  • elena lukic
    Jelena Lukic
  • dejana milenkovic, playerzonetennis
    Dejana Milenkovic

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My name is Tatyana . I am manager of the Player Zone Academy. If you have any questions about the tennis academy or just about tennis in Serbia, then I will be happy to answer them