Individual preparation for ITF Juniors, Futures and Tennis Europe tournaments!

Autumn 2023

Together with PlayerZone Tennis Academy
Tournament calendar in Serbia
If you don't have enough points to get into the main draw or the qualifying round, we can help you get a wildcard.
Tennis Europe U12


31/07/2023 to 05/08/2023

Tennis Europe U14\16

Siroki Brijeg Open 14&U

30/10/2023 to 05/11/2023

02 Oct to 07 Oct 2023
Montenegro Ulcinj J30 Outdoor - Clay

09 Oct to 15 Oct 2023
Croatia Porec J60

16 Oct to 22 Oct 2023
Croatia Dubrovnik J100 Outdoor - Clay

25 Oct to 29 Oct 2023
Hungary Szekesfehervar J200 Indoor - Clay

30 Oct to 05 Nov 2023
Egypt Giza J60 Outdoor - Clay


09 Oct to 15 Oct 2023
Tunisia Monastir M15 $15,000 Outdoor - Hard

09 Oct to 15 Oct 2023
Egypt Sharm ElSheikh M15 $15,000 Outdoor - Hard

16 Oct to 22 Oct 2023
Tunisia Monastir M15 $15,000 Outdoor - Hard

23 Oct to 29 Oct 2023
Greece Heraklion W25 $25,000 Outdoor - Clay

30 Oct to 05 Nov 2023
Greece Heraklion W40 $40,000 Outdoor - Clay

The number of participants of the tournament preparation program at our academy is limited!
What will you get?
Our Academy conducts individual training sessions to prepare an athlete for ITF Juniors, Tennis Europe 12/14/16, and Futures tournaments. The player gets an opportunity to intensively prepare for aforementioned tournaments at our base, and perform at other competitions with the support of our coaches.

Don't miss this opportunity
Advantages of the individual tournament preparation program at Player Zone
Why should you come to us?
  • Coach support
    The coach will be supporting players at tournaments all the time. They will prepare you for a match, conduct a warm-up, monitor the game and then analyze it. Parents can send an athlete on their own, we will take care of everything.
  • Team spirit
    Players find themselves in the right environment, where all athletes are focused on achieving their goals. Thus, your training sessions and sparring games will be completely effective.
  • Less expenses
    Since you will join our team, the costs of travel, coach and accommodation will be shared evenly among all athletes of our Academy.
  • Wildcard for a tournament
    We will help our players get a wildcard for tournaments. The Academy usually receives several cards, but their number is always limited.
According to statistics, 83% of tennis players who undergo special pre-tournament preparation show better results than those ones who continue to train as usual.
Advanced Tennis Research Projects
US Research Company
Tournament preparation programs
Choose the duration of the program and find out its cost
ITF & TE tournament program
Includes 2 ITF & TE tournaments
2 months
+ 2 racket braces
Check out the program and its cost
Check out training programs and their costs
They were preparing for tournaments at our Academy!
Don't miss this opportunity!
Your dreams don't have to stay dreams!
Develop with world-class coaches and start winning!
Professional approach
You will be able to find out what professional preparation for tournaments is! You will encounter decent sparring games, fitness and massage sessions, psychological lectures, video-match analysis. These components will help you score your first points in the ranking or even win a trophy!
Maximum concentration on preparation! You will be completely immersed in the training process, and our team will take care of everything (accommodation, meals, transfers, and your full support at tournaments).
Make your dreams come true!
Use the opportunity to prepare for the tournament with the coaches of top-150 ATP players in order to achieve the highest results and get a contract from the academy for cooperation on a permanent basis.
We are at the Grand Slam tournaments
Our coaches and players constantly perform at the Grand Slam tournaments.
Australia Open
US Open
Roland Garros
We are at ITF Juniors tournaments
During the year, with the support of Player Zone's coaches, our players perform at many ITF Juniors and Tennis Europe tournaments.
ITF Juniors J5 Zlatibor
ITF Juniors J4 Cairo
ITF Juniors Madagascar
Review of the tournament preparation program at
Player Zone
Player Zone Tennis Academy is an outstanding base for preparing for tournaments of many eminent tennis players, such as Christopher O'Connell ATP #56 and others.
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Player Zone Tennis Academy
You can find more information about the Player Zone Academy on its main page. For example, you can read about our coaching staff and players of our team and find out where the athletes train and live!
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